2022 / 2023 Classroom Grants Approved!

CVHS Foundation continues its support of Capo students by approving $8,900 in classroom grants!

The Engineering department will purchase a programmable drone and competition field to give students access to the popular field of aerial robotics.  Students will build connections to technology career pathways as they experience hands-on problem solving opportunities to design, build, modify, and use technology. Engineering teacher, Greg Weipert stresses that “having students compete in a 21st-century real world application will improve their critical thinking, problem solving, troubleshooting, communication, and increase their curiosity, imagination and innovation.”

The STEPS program (Structured Teaching Education Prepared Students) will purchase a GE Electric Range and pantry items and kitchen wares.  These items will support our students as they work to increase their life skills and further develop independence and functional abilities.  Special Education teacher, Lynelle Laubach explains that “students will plan menus, make lists of needed ingredients, go to the grocery store, cook, learn to serve, and practice the social skills needed for every task.”  STEP students and their Best Buddies will work together and benefit from this real life learning environment!

Kimberly Beck secured funding for a class set of 40 TI-Nspire CX CAS Handheld graphing calculators for an AP Statistics class.  These popular calculators give students the ability to “symbolically solve equations, factor and expand variable expressions, complete the square, find antiderivatives, computer limits and exact solutions in irrational forms.”  Over 85% of the calculations done in this class require this tool, making them a valuable addition to our classrooms.

Andreas Waldukat, Director of Capo’s Music Department, will purchase Step Up bows for violins and violas that students will be able to check out. He appreciates that “these bows will have a lifetime over many generations of instrumental music students…..and these bows will help our musicians expand their performance ability, creating sounds they did not realize were possible before while playing on entry-level equipment.”  

The Music Department is also purchasing a Bose Bluetooth speaker that will be used by performing ensembles as they find and experience source recording to inform their own performance interpretations.  Whether being used for outdoor performances by the lunch pavilion, in the gym, or on the football field, this speaker will enhance the students’ and audience’s experiences. 

The Music Department is also purchasing authentic Mariachi instruments to support the wildly popular and expanding Mariachi ensemble!  By acquiring a Vihuela and Guitarron, Mr. Waldukat explains, we are “providing students the opportunity to experience performing on the traditional instruments of the musical culture.”